A wish board is a wonderful way to manifest what you want in your life. By being explicit about what we want, getting it down on paper, and being able to refer back to it, we create intention. Try making your own wish board to bring what you want to fruition.
How to create a wish board:
1. Gather lots of magazines, flyers, newspapers – stuff you are ok with cutting up. Get a large piece of paper (11 x 17 is a good size if you have it), tape or glue and scissors.
2. Close your eyes. Breathe. Relax. Think about what you want more of. Envision it. Visualize yourself in that place.
3. Find pictures or words that represent what you want more of in your life. Cut them out.
4. Arrange the pictures on the blank piece of paper. Now paste or tape these to your paper. This becomes your collage, representing what you want more of.
The power in the wish board is that it represents what you want and need. By putting your requests out there, making them real, the universe can help give you more of what you need. Now put up your wish board somewhere you can see it each day, and be reminded of what you want.

Wish board to manifest the life you want


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