Drainers are things that zap your energy, like staying up too late or having a flight that is delayed.
Write down a few things that drain your energy.
Now, think about which of these drainers you can change. Some you probably don’t have control over, like when a plane leaves. It would be nice if we had control of the situation, but unfortunately we don’t.
Since you can’t control when the plane leaves, there’s no point in trying to change that. We can adapt to the situation though. For instance, we can read a book, or try to get some work done.
Now, for the things you can change….What gives you energy?
These are things that fill your tank. For me, exercise, massages, and laughter give me energy.
Write down a few items that give you energy.
The idea is to balance the drainers and the things that fill your tank. How are you doing? If you always feel depleted and drained, then it’s time to make some changes so you can fill your tank more often. 

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