Looking to stress less? My new book, Live Well: Personalized Stress Relief for Young Professionals is here to help. Written by someone who understands how crazy life can get, this book helps busy, young, stressed out people manage stress and live a better quality of life.
What others are saying:
“If you’re a young professional struggling with high levels of stress, then author and coach Melanie Noble has written the perfect book for you! The book will help you learn what stress is and what triggers your stress reactions. Most importantly, the book is loaded with practical suggestions and tools that will allow you to design the stress relief program that is just right for you! All of us struggle with stress from time to time, but thanks to Melanie’s wonderful book we can start taking practical steps to live stress free lives.” – Ed H.
“It almost feels like a personalized therapy session. I like the worksheets also which makes the book more interactive.” – Aaron L.
If you’re already reading my book, access the worksheets now.

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